Life Story of Steve Jobs // who is Apple’s Owner ?

  Life Story of  Steve Jobs //  who is  Apple’s Owner ?

You can hire someone to drive a car, you can make money for yourself – but you can’t hire someone to carry your illness. You can find material things, but there is one thing you can’t find when you lose – that is life. Treat yourself well and appreciate others. Things have no value.. Whether you are flying in first class or economy class.  “Born on February 24, 1955, Steve Paul Jobs was the founder of the famous company “The Apple” which revolutionized the world of hardware. Steve Jobs entered Red College in 1972. He attended calligraphy and dating classes there. He was a naughty, very naughty and stubborn boy. At one point, he broke the law and was expelled from college. From here, things get trickier, and this is where the true life of Steve Jobs begins! Business is the name of the game, Steve was naturally fit for the job for two reasons. One is that he saw his father as a perfect man. So he learned this from his father and settled it in his veins. The other was Steve’s stubborn nature, the positive side of which was that ‘Steve would adopt an opinion after thinking and sticking to it firmly.During his student days he traveled to India, from where he returned with a shaved head, in Indian clothes and with experience using LSD. To many of his fans, Steve Jobs was neither an inventor nor a businessman.

. And you need to find something you like. The only way to be completely satisfied is to do what you do and the only way to do great things is to love what you do. Thus he entered the field of trade with these two attributes.While taking auditing classes at Red College, she befriended her namesake, Steve Vazneck. Decided to work together and create a new invention. As a result of his tireless efforts, the first masterpiece of hard work came in the form of a computer called the Apple One and some modern devices. The Apple One is the place where these two friends come to the world in a new form. This point is the first drop of rain for their success. After that the torrential rain of Kamranis becomes their destiny.The world still wants to know the secrets behind the business success of Steve Paul Jobs. There are guidelines

Every Apple product is manufactured with the idea that the real need for this product lies with the Apple company owner and its employees and engineers. Everything should be very simple. Excellent customer service should be provided. Apple should always create something that it can make better with each passing day. Must be at least 2 years ahead of its competitors.

Apple One was a huge success. It turned other computer makers against Apple. Apple was not just a traditional computer, it was a very different thing.

In 2003, doctors diagnosed Jobs with a rare disease called pancreatic cancer. Steve survived a successful surgery, but five years later doctors discovered he had liver cancer. As one of the richest people in the world with a fortune of 6 6 billion, Steve Jobs was helpless in the face of impending death. However, the strong desire to live and feel the world helped Apple to make great inventions from 2005 to 2011, including the iPhone and iPad.

Some of Steve’s words are not to be forgotten, he used to say.

The story of Steve Jobs is an example to many. He became, without exaggeration, a 21st century hero who changed the minds of people living in an age of rapid technological advancement. He used to say

“Being the richest person in the cemetery is not important to me. But before you go to bed, it’s really important to tell yourself that you’ve done something wonderful. “”Don’t raise your children to be rich. Teach them to be happy. “Eat your food as medicine, otherwise you should take your medicine as food.” “People who love you will never leave you, even if they have 100 reasons to leave.” We will always find a reason to be steadfast. “

“If you want to go fast, go alone. But if you want to go far, go with it! “

The author of the biography writes

“Jobs used to lie down on a low pillow so that the pressure on his back would be less and he would think about his day. He used to say that now you will come up with many different things and different thoughts but you should not stop them at all. Do this process for five minutes daily for one week. Take things in stride and try not focus too much on the problem. You may have different thoughts, but don’t pay too much attention to them and try to keep your mind as calm as possible so that you can easily succeed. It may be that your mind has not only calmed down but you have also had a new birth in which your mind has become much calmer and your body has become happier. This exercise will help you to think more positively and positively. “

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