Matters were settled in Punjab’s new local government system, PTI and PML-Q

 Matters were settled in Punjab’s new local government system, PTI and PML-Q

The decision on the new configuration of the local self-government system was made through consultations. There will be eleven metropolitan corporations in the Punjab. Capital corporations will be located in the nine division headquarters. There will also be capital corporations in Gujarat and Sialkot. The metropolitan will have a mayor

The remaining 25 districts of the Punjab will have district councils. . At the lower level there will be a district and village council. There will be no Tehsil councils or municipal corporations. There will be no municipal committees or municipal committees.

Other configurations of the local government system have been abolished. There will only be a metropolitan, a district council, a village council and a district council.

Erlier, despite the fact that four days had passed on the issue of PML-Q reservations to the Local Government Act in Punjab, it was not possible to break the deadlock.

Federal ministers conveyed PML-Q reservations and proposals to the Prime Minister.

The meeting was also held at the coalition, federal and Punjab levels via video link. PML-Q is trying to increase the representation of villagers in local government, and PML-Q wanted the Tehsil Council system to be part of the Local Government Act.

PML-Q expressed doubts about the semi-urban high representation and formally presented its proposals to the Punjab government, while several rounds of negotiations between the Punjab government and PML-Q on the Local Government Law were unsuccessful.

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