The death toll is 36, not 23 // a man claims

 The death toll is 36, not 23, 300 people, and the swollen country claims to have done so.

A committee has been formed to determine those responsible for the Murree tragedy, which will determine who was responsible for the accident – but according to public opinion, a major role in the tragedy is being attributed to the residents. Whose stone heart caused this accident and people were buried in ice graves without any help and died with their children.But just as the five fingers are not the same, so the world is not empty of bad people as well as good people – there are people who go beyond their courage and strength to help distressed people and their Had it not been for these people trying to save lives, the death toll could have been much higher than what is being reported in the media.


Sojal Malik is a big name among these good people who are the native citizens of Murree. Sujal Malik, a well-known social activist from Murree who is active on social media, kept people informed about the situation in Murree through his page on social media even before the tragedy of Murree. I was warned in advance of the coming storm.According to Sojal Malik, he had repeatedly appealed that the conditions in Murree were not conducive to such a large number of tourists – at the same time he had repeatedly appealed to the authorities to take precautionary measures for the coming storm. – But none of his videos were implemented.


According to Sojal Malik, the Highway Authority collected a one-way toll tax of Rs. 60 from one lakh vehicles, which amounts to Rs. Didn’t even provide a facility like a public toilet.


Sojal Malik also received threats from him for repeatedly speaking out against the hotel mafia in Murree, but he did not back down and when the blizzard hit Murree, he opened the doors of his house to the public. –


According to Sojal Malik, his house had a capacity to accommodate 50 vehicles. And then he sent his servants to get the rice and cooked it and fed the people there.



Within three days, they not only sheltered but also fed about 300 people, thus saving their lives. He also asked the rescuers from his sources about the deaths in the Murree tragedy. According to him, the death toll is around 36 instead of 23 but the public is being told less.People like Sojal Malik are like a ray of light in the darkness which makes one feel that the world is not yet empty of good people and there are still people in the world who do anything to help others. Do not hesitate to-

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