SHO celebrating birthdays in police station Leak Video

SHOs start celebrating birthdays at the police station by covering the camera  // Leak Video

Lahore SHO Yasir Bashir also baked a cake to celebrate his birthday at the police station, but before cutting the cake, he threw the clothes into the police station camera, whose Close circuit television  footage went viral. SH and another female officer were suspended after their video went viral. According to details, the criminals tried to cover their faces with Close circuit television cameras, but failed. Before putting on the clothes, another Close circuit television video from the same camera showed Deputy Inspector Mahosh and a guest in a room with Yasir. An officer came from the SHO break room and stood on a chair and placed a cloth over the camera. Officers from the DIG Oops Room saw the scene and informed authorities, who took immediate action and suspended those involved.

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