How to spend your Precious time

How  to spend your Precious time 

 Eat dinner

Decide to miss work or schedule work later in the evening so you can get home in time to sit down to dinner together. Eating dinner as a family can be part of their daily conversation and answer any questions they may have while you are away.

2. Fix things together.

Is the kitchen sink broken? Study room walls need to be painted? Children love to help solve things. It may seem like a mundane task to us, but for most kids, it’s a wonderful opportunity to see what’s under the kitchen sink, understand how faucets work, and just clean the entire wall. Cover it with paint. Fixing things together allows you to plan the project and gives you plenty of time to communicate.

3. Take a walk after dinner

If you’ve already made time for dinner with your kids, why not spend an extra 30 minutes with them after dinner? This is the coolest and most pleasant time of day in Singapore. Once you’ve cleared the table and washed the dishes, go for a walk around your neighborhood. Talk about the changes you see and what your children see around them when they go on these walks. Walking while you talk can actually make it easier for kids to bring up difficult topics or issues because they have something else to do (like walk) while you talk, so focus on that.

4. Leave a message.

Kids love surprises, so if you don’t have time to see them in the morning before you go to work, leave a short video or find a note for them. They’ll be happy to receive your message and it’ll give you a chance to show that you’re sorry you couldn’t spend the morning with them, but you appreciate it enough to surprise them. Comments or messages

5. Read together

Reading to children or reading books together for half an hour each night is a great way to spend time together. There are ways to share ideas and values ​​with your children by choosing and discussing books to read.

6. Pick  your children  from school 

Make it a point to take your child to school or any of their extra classes. By doing this regularly, you will be able to spend more time together. Time to travel, make time together!

7. Plan monthly appointments

Think of a new place to visit every month. Maybe it’s a museum? A theme park or a water adventure park? Let your kids help you plan your visit.

8. Share family stories.

Manage your  time to share good stories about your family history. Dig out your old photo albums and look through them with your kids. Work regularly by adding new photos to the family collection.

As your children enter their teenage years, spending time together becomes more important and more difficult. It takes a little more effort, but it is possible to make time for your child every day.

9. Communicate with your teen

When traveling together, take the opportunity to talk to your child. Whether you’re traveling with your baby in a bus, train or car, there’s often nothing you can do but talk. So take the opportunity to open up to your teen and share more about your life with you!

10. Do good

Teens are encouraged to volunteer and make a difference in the world around them. Find a cause you both identify with and sign up together. Attend regularly, volunteer and make time for each other.

11. Step into the world of your youth

Participate in activities they are passionate about. Whether it’s cosplay or basketball or building airplanes, talk to your teen about it. Find out if there’s a way for you to be a part of it, or if that’s not possible, listen to them and get to know them so you can talk about it and understand what they’re feeling. Why are you so passionate about yourself? Chosen activity?

12. Communicate with your teen.

Connect with your teen through the chat function on your phone. While they won’t necessarily want to engage you on social media, sending short, encouraging chat messages on a regular basis can keep you in touch with your teen just as effectively.

13. Get to know your teen’s friends.

Young people explore the social world outside their immediate family. They spend a lot of time with their friends, learning who they are as individuals, and learning how to socialize outside of the family. Try to open your home and welcome young friends so they can get to know you better.

14. Spend time with your teen every day.

Even if it’s just 5 minutes a day, find time to spend with your child

15. Hello

If you are not namhos gajis, take the time to call or text your parent to say hello. Ask them how their day was. A few positive words can make a big difference.

16. Tell your kids to call Grandpa and Grandma

Have your children call their parents from time to time. Even if you see each other often, a phone call from a grandchild is always special!

17. Gajas eats gajas in awakas

Set aside time to visit and do gajai in every afkasa. Focus on what your parents like, which can be done at home – when your mom likes to cook, or make dinner. The important thing is to spend some time together with the aunts.

18. Cook gajas your family’s favorite recipe

Getting together in the kitchen can be a lot of fun for Teongo and Vereh! Get hands-on and learn from your own family’s cooking and learn how to make a dish in your family. Use the camera to take photos and videos every step of the way to capture those special moments.

19. Spend time standing still

Whether it’s a walk in the park on a Saturday afternoon, or going to the grocery store with your parents to get some groceries, all of these activities require a lot of quality time. Build a sabana to make gajas something.

20. Learn something new

Enjoy what you like for an activity. Maybe you could join a tai chi or ocean yoga class? Did Gajanse pick up a new language? Learning something new can spark new relationships and bring joy and life back into your relationship with your parents.

21. Establish traditional practices

Traditions are what hold the family and the wider family together. The vahiri people of the family usually have a lot of malawama about the atarawa that comes with the pamila tradition and the meaning behind it. Share these traditions with the little ones and take some time to enjoy these traditions to create great memories.

Let your wife be patient with you

In our daily rush, we always look to the person who is the best to us. Spend some time with your spouse and tell them that they love you in every way.

22. Stay connected with messages

Even if we are busy, a small letter to tell our spouses that we love them and that we miss them will be with them to know that they are special and important to them. us

23. Turn off the cell phone

Set your cell phone on silent or on the fly when eating together. Give each other your full attention.

24. Take up a new hobby

Finding time to do something new together means you learn something together and meet each other in new ways. Find something you both enjoy and spend time on each occasion.

25. Set aside time

Make time for each other at all times. You don’t have to plan anything fancy, just acknowledge each other that you won’t make another commitment and then plan to spend that time doing something that you both enjoy and that is for you. are you . In other words, don’t collect your girlfriend’s letter from the post office, spend it drinking together! Don’t do it twice = time to work!

26. Have breakfast

Start paying your day! Whether it’s a quick bite at a coffee shop when you go to work, or 30 minutes at your dinner table each time, work is a great time to connect. The time of normality is usually the time when the whole family gathers, but the maai can be a time for the family alone.

27. Exercise together

Some people know that getting up half an hour earlier and going to see the clock, or setting aside time for a weekend in the park, is a great way to do more things. What better way for you to spend quality time with your spouse and quadruple your service at the same time!


Connect with your family

As donor families increase, so do the number of families each of us has. Staying connected and being there for each other is even more important as family ties become more and more important.

28. Build a base bissava

Build a bisso foundation with your extended family. Knowing how to connect or communicate with everyone is much more effective when everyone is on the same page of the conversation. Now, when something important happens, there is only one thing you and your relatives need to reach out to everyone. When you appreciate and know what is going on with each other, you appreciate and understand each other.

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